Visiting Optometrists Scheme (VOS)–Service Delivery Standards

The Service Delivery standard provides an overview of the funding arrangements provided to optometrists to deliver outreach eye care services to people living in regional, rural and remote locations of Australia, who do not have access to primary eye care services.

Page last updated: 01 April 2015

The objective of the VOS is to improve the eye health of people in regional, rural and remote locations by:

  • increasing optometry services in areas of identified need;
  • improving the coordination and integration of those eye health services and the quality of ongoing patient care; and
  • enhancing communication between visiting optometrists, local health providers and other visiting health professionals.

To achieve this, the VOS provides funding to address a range of financial disincentives incurred by optometrists providing outreach services, including:

  • travel, accommodation and meals;
  • facility fees and administrative support at the outreach location;
  • lost business opportunity due to time spent travelling to outreach locations;
  • locum support at the home practice; and
  • lease and transport of equipment.

Improved coordination, integration and communication are addressed through linkages with the planning and service delivery processes undertaken by State/Territory funded health organisations, primary health organisations, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health sector and other relevant stakeholders at the jurisdiction and local level.

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