A list of submissions received for the Health Technology Assessment Review.

Page last updated: 08 December 2008

The Department of Health and Ageing called for submissions from interested individuals and organisation from 27 March 2009 to 29 May 2009. The public submission process has now closed.


Submissions were forwarded to the Department in a range of formats including Word, RTF, PDF and handwritten or typed hardcopy. In order to make submissions available as soon as possible, most submissions have been published in their original format. Handwritten submissions have been scanned into PDF documents. The text of email submissions has been reproduced in Word format.

If you are unable to access any of the documents please contact us for an alternative version to be provided to you.


Submissions classified by the author as 'Confidential' have not been published on the website and will not be made available to the public. Submissions received without the submitters' names have been published under a number only.

Note that general disclaimers in covering emails have not been interpreted as a specific request or taken as sufficient reason for submissions to be treated confidentially.


To ensure that the privacy of third parties (including family members) is protected, and that the Commonwealth complies with its own legal obligations, some submissions have been published with the submitter's first name only and/or with third party details removed. Private contact details (eg, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses) contained in submissions have also been removed. There may be minor formatting changes as a result.

NOTE: The views expressed in submissions are those of the authors and copyright in submissions remains with the authors, not with the Department.

The Secretariat has reserved the right not to publish submissions deemed inappropriate: if they promote a product or a service, contain offensive language, or the sentiments expressed are liable to offend or vilify sections of the community; and for reasons other than those outlined above.

Submissions 001 and 027 will not be published - publication withheld at request of author.