Commonwealth Advisory Body on Sport, (CABOS) Presentation to Ministers, Beijing 2008

Page last updated: 30 October 2013

Presentation given by Sue Campbell of CABOS.

Slide 1 - Commonwealth Advisory Body on Sport

Presentation to Ministers
Beijing 2008

Slide 2 What is CABOS?

Established in 2005 to promote the value of sport as a tool for social, economic, health and educational development 12 members from across the Commonwealth supported by a part time advisor funded by UK and Australian Governments meeting annually

Slide 3 Development through sport

  • Promoting health and well being
  • Raising educational standards and aspirations
  • Cultivating citizenship, leadership and empowerment
  • Building communities in which inclusion and cohesion replace discrimination and marginalisation

Slide 4 CABOS influencing change

  • CHOGM meetings in Malta and Uganda
  • Education Ministers meeting 2006
  • Health Ministers meetings 2006 and 2007
  • Youth Ministers meetings 2006 and 2008
  • Commonwealth Sports Development Conference 2006 and 2008
  • Sport for development recognised in 10 Communiques

Slide 5 Working in Partnership

  • WADA to support the development of 4 RADOs
  • Commonwealth Games Federation Youth Games Pune October 2008
  • Sport for development and peace international working group (SDP IWG)

Slide 6 'UNICEF believes sport and play are a child's right'

CABOS image: Smiling children

Slide 7 'Sport is a universal language that unites and inspires people'

CABOS image: Children playing and preparing to play sport

Slide 8 Ghana, Mozambique, Sierra Leone and Uganda have all identified sport as a tool for attaining the Millennium Development Goals

CABOS image: sports team children listening to a coach

Slide 9 'The United Nations is turning more and more to the world of sport for help in its work for peace'

CABOS image: Happy children

Slide 10 A Power For Good

  • Sport can build bridges and break down barriers in a way that little else can!
  • Sport can engage, enrich and empower young people
  • Sport can play a central role in health, education and youth policies